About Us

We are the future of Corporate and Personal Branding. We work with our clients to tell  
their story for significant, lasting impact. We help them STAND OUT!

Branded By Tee is a corporate and personal branding agency specialising in brand development and design, image creation, digital and print marketing. We focus on what it is that makes our clients who they are, their brand and company exceptional.

Our Story  
At Branded By Tee, we work alongside our incredible clients to create a beautiful brand story that speaks directly to their desired target audience. How do we do this? We pull from years of industry experience and utilise cutting technology to create campaigns aimed at achieving brand saturation in even the most competitive markets. By regularly publishing the highest quality editorial and visual content on various platforms, we curate a compelling brand story that clearly represents our client’s passions and talents.

Our History  
Branded By Tee founder, Tee Dike, is an experienced branding expert and consultant who has worked closely with branding guru Sibusiso Mfeka. He brings his expertise to work directly, one-on one, with any client in our branding programmes.

Our Mission  
Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality of branding and PR consultancy, and a service that exceeds expectations.

Our Team

Tee Dike picture

Tee Dike

CEO / Branding Consultant

The success of your brand is not determined by the status of your family. Many great people were never born in perfect family structures nor are they coming from rich families. The output will always be determined by the input. The investment you make in your brand will determine its success. - Tee Dike

I’ve always been a creative person and fascinated by the ability of bringing an idea to life through visuals. When I was a kid I used to spend a lot of time alone drawing and writing, even though I was never good at drawing I was good at writing. In High School I’d be on my desk drawing my company logo, trying out different signatures or just write my name all over the page. Putting what’s on mind on paper always brought a sense of satisfaction in me.

When I later joined the corporate world I was introduced to the term branding. Even though my knowledge of this concept was limited, I just loved it. The whole process of creating an idea in your mind, communicate it, and being made visible fascinated me. I was still living in King William’s Town when I started motivational speaking and doing events. I went to one of the studios in town and booked for a photo shoot for my head shots. I never thought twice about taking my work to a professional graphic designer, because for me it was either quality or nothing at all. I understood the psychological effect of a good image and professionally designed images.

I had my first consulting session with a gospel musician, Ntethelelo Faku who had just released his first album. He is now an Award winner and a sensation in the gospel industry. I started by offering him personal styling, not because I wanted to be a stylist, but because I wanted him to not be afraid of being different and stand out.

I began to do more study on branding until I later discovered that there is something called Personal Branding. It all made sense to me because I realised that this is what I have been doing for years, I just never knew that it was already coined. I started writing content on Personal Branding and would share some on social media. Whenever I would be invited to speak my message was Personal Branding, until I began to receive more invitations that specifically asked me to address this topic. With the release of my first e-book ‘Thou Shalt Build Thy Personal Brand’ more people began to book me to develop their personal brands.

Everything then expanded progressively and my purpose was revealed. I re-branded my agency, put a dedicated team together, launched new services and created an agency that is a one stop Personal and Corporate Brand shop. To help entrepreneurs, celebrities, and ordinary people who have an honest desire to take brave steps in building reputable brands.

Pammy G picture

Pammy G

Creative Image Developer

"Wisdom preserves the life of its possessor"

Pamela Nogilana-Giba is an enthusiastic individual with a vibrant personality whose energy one can literally feel when she is in the room. Pammy helps people, her focus is on empowering women to sell their brands and achieve their goals, by looking at themselves as businesses through the eyes of their customers. Her passion is towards making a positive impact in other women's lives, and is especially zealous about helping plus size women to be fully self-expressed and bring their authentic personality to life in their interactions with their customers to create influence and IMPACT.

She is best known for her ability to bring out the best in people in a pragmatic, resourceful and authentically inspiring way. Her experience involves taking part in Plus Size Modelling for Product Promotions, and Boudoir Photoshoot promoting professional photography empowering women to love their bodies.

As a Creative Image Developer, Pammy assists women entrepreneurs to have the confidence and courage to better position themselves out in the open world. She also helps up and coming artists and celebrities who have an interest and promotes those who also want to venture into Public Speaking and being Master of Ceremony.

She has also worked on different projects under the supervision and mentorship of Personal Branding Expert, Tee Dike, assisting in organising his E-Book launch, conducting PR and being the event's MC. Having started off as Tee's client, she has learnt first-hand the way a name stands out from the crowd and how to position yourself as an industry leader.

As a keynote speaker in youth programmes, she is captivating and inspiring. Pammy has a natural ability to connect with any audience, meet them where they are and take them to where they need to be.

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